Friday, May 10, 2013

CosCast with CosPod Tomorrow!

I’m really excited to announce this. Our video podcast CosPod, the podcast for all things cosplayis thrilled to have some of the members of CosCast, visa-vie Nerd Reactor, on tomorrow during our next recording session. 

*happy dance*

This is an insane honor because we don’t usually expect people of this caliber to come on and talk to us. Ever. Hell just getting a cosplayer or photographer to join in makes us feel special. We don’t think we’re anything that awesome, but hell. We’re honored!

Our topic of conversation will be about cosplaying against your type, i.e. body, gender, height, race, etc. This is something that will be a new experience to me as later on this month I’ll be dressing up as Allen from Escaflowne. The concept is still very strange in my head but I’m rolling with it. For those who haven’t checked out my Facebook Fan Page, go look. It’s over there to the left.But seriously, I tend to stick with a certain archetype and even when I do stray outside the zones, it’s very obvious that I cosplay as female characters. Going male is forcing me to rethink a lot of things about the process. It’s not just about the clothing but the makeup, the styling, and how I pose and hold myself will all be completely different from what I’m accustomed too. And it SUCKS. So hard! Anyone who can pull off the opposite gender deserves a gold medal. This sh*t is hard!

But this isn’t about gender. Race and body type are included in this discussion, which is all the more reason we are ecstatic about CosCast coming to sit with us on this topic. We want different viewpoints and opinions from people who have experience. Mine is limited to being millennia old super villains and blue or purple aliens. Amber is usually an elf or a magical girl so…we’re a little limited on our experiences being another race, gender, size, etc.

Check us out tomorrow! We’ll be recording live at 9pm Central, 7pm Pacific through Google+. You can check us out through YouTube, titled Episode 36 to watch and comment. 


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