Friday, May 17, 2013

EA Dropping Wii-U

Short post today because I’m totally spazzing out about Dallas Comic Con this weekend. And yeah...excited does not even begin to explain my emotions. I’m looking forward to having a fun weekend out and being a giant dork!

So here’s some more news about EA. I’ve posted previously that some of their products were not going to the Wii-U because the system could not handle the new engine they have developed. Well now they’re taking it a step further. Kotaku confirmed with EA that they are no longer producing content for the Wii-U at all. 


They were buddyign up with Nintendo back in 2011 at E3 to partner with the release of a few games. And now it’s coming to an end. It’s not an issue of EA’s recent swing of layoffs and trying to do better as a company. The Wii-U just can’t handle the power of the next gen games.

Nintendo, time to put the head to the grindstone and figure out this mess.


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