Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Latest "Tropes" Video Removed Due To Trolls

Sadly, this is further proof that we need to keep discussing these issues. Even if these are a minority in the community, they are incredibly vocal. If we can’t stand up for ourselves, they will overrun us.

Also, I don’t appreciate the generalities the article used.

Gamers were apparently enraged by the idea that someone intended to highlight sexist themes and narratives in their favorite form of media.”

‘Gamers’ is way too general of a term in this context. That could be, well, everyone that has ever played a video game and identifies themselves with the culture. Because I’m a gamer, and you’re probably a gamer if you’re reading this. And if you are reading this then chances are that you don’t agree with the harassment Sarkeesian has had to go through. But based on the article, we all agree that we don’t want feminists looking at our games. -_- I really do hate the news at times. Generalities will not help us. So stop lumping us with the people that are causing the problems!

I hope to have a review of Sarkeesian’s newest video later today~


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