Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Video Games: The Movie!

Another Kickstarter project. This one is a documentary about video games, how they are made, marketed, and the culture that it has created. According to the team behind it, Mediajuice Studios, it’s the insider look at the environment from an unbiased perspective. It’s not the media harping on violence in video games, but an actual, honest, documentary. Which really, that would be nice to see.

Too often video games, gamers, and developers are the scorn of the media. It’s a constant, reoccurring theme. Pick a recent violent event and video games are probably being blamed for them. That’s what “Video Games: The Movie” wants to counteract and let people know “hey, these are some pretty relaxed, normal men and women.”

The Kickstarter is being used to help polish the final product. Mediajuice has already filmed all of the content, from conventions to interviews with Cliffy B, but are begging the wonderfully daunting process of editing. Ideally they want to have it finished by September for the SXSW and Tribecca Film Festivals (bold!), and hell if they make it to $150k they might be able to get Daft Punk to score the soundtrack. Go donate, at least for that. But in seriousness based on what I’m seeing from the content and the interviews this has a lot of potential. It’ll be good to have a realist perspective on gamers and our culture.


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