Friday, June 14, 2013

See - Women Can Be Great Leads

I’m going to keep this a brief posting today to direct your attention to this NY Times article about The Last of Us, a survival horror story from NaughtyDog where you have to, well, survive. The majority of the gameplay focuses on a male adult character and his relationship with his young daughter, along with others that he meets along the journey.

What struck me was how the writer, a man, approached this game. He didn’t want to play as the main character, but as the young girl because she was so much more interesting and compelling. It’s interesting to read his take on this game that so many people have been clamoring over for the past year.

For a brief time, The Last of Us does become Ellie’s game, and the player is asked to direct her journey. As you would expect — it is the magic of the medium — I identified more with her character when I was playing as her. I became more interested in her. Her feelings became my feelings. And then she — or at least my ability to inhabit her — was gone. For a second time, the game surprised me, did something wonderful, and then took it away.”

We need more games with female leads that can create such an experience that this particular writer had. It could change the industry for the better.


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