Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ever Wondered Why Razer Doesn't Cater To The PS3?

There's your CEO of Razer.

Have you ever wondered why Razer, one of the few peripheral companies still out there, doesn’t make many PS3 accessories? Well according to some tweets from the CEO Min-Liang Tan, he just doesn’t play his PS3 enough to warrant making stuff for it. Well…okay then Mister Tan! AT least he’s honest about it. He was recently “dusting off” so to speak his PS3 to play The Last of Us and somehow it turned to that topic on Twitter. The Escapist reached out to him for additional comments, which he was more than happy to provide on Twitter. 

But Razer isn’t like any normal company apparently. They make products that they want to use and offer them to others who probably want to use them too. One fan called them out and said they should market to PS3 users, which Tan replied that said fan is assuming that they think of Razer asa business. They are fans being fans of products that they would want to use, and their system of choice is mostly PC and the Xbox 360. But Tan is encouraged by what he’s seeing for the PS4 and Razer may shift their focus to incorporate more Sony material in the future. But for now he’s happy being a gamer. I can respect that.


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