Monday, July 22, 2013

FAN BOYS! Prepare For the Dead Space Movie

Because it might blow.

So at SDCC this weekend EA has decided to move forward with the Dead Space movie and is looking to partner with DreamWorks, whom will be releasing the Need for Speed film in the upcoming year. But guess who’s penning the screenplay? Justin Mark. The same man that graced the world with Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

I can hear the groans of gamers and movie goers of decent tastes from around the world.

Even better is that Mister Mark feels that the film adaptation should not be too close to the source material. That actually explains a lot about the Chun Li movie, so thanks for clearing that up.

The video game movie phenom is a tough subject to handle, as I have explained on multiple occasions in a myriad of posts. Seriously just go to the Search box on the left and type in “video game movie” as your key words. I understand from the perspective of Hollywood that you need to make your money back and a lot of things that are popular in a game either don’t translate to film or audiences have a difficult time responding to. The Resident Evil movies are doing so well because of their lack of ties to the original material. I think most people would have bailed out by the 5th movie if it were in conjunction with the game. On the other hand, it’s also the same reason why so many game movies have been crap. Need I remind you all Super Mario Bros.? (Granted this is now a cult classic, but it is still considered a really terrible game movie by comparison.)

Knowing now who the lead scriptwriter is, I have no faith that the Dead Space movie will be worth the effort to watch. EA is so good at destroying their own franchises!


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