Monday, August 26, 2013

Changing Voices


Reading the responses to the new voice actor for Splinter Cell has had a mix review. This one from seems to be the best, in-so-far as the blogger even apologized to the new guy and can see how the actor put his spin on the character for the next generation of gamers.

Voice acting has become an integral part of the gaming scene. When an actor makes a big leap to leave their mark on a character, we want to see that person in each iteration. Halo was at the forefront of this concept with Master Chief and Cortana’s actors surviving four games, and they are legendary. We develop this relationship to the characters and part of the immersive aspect is to keep the voice acting consistent. So when a well-known character has a major voice shift, we take notice, and yes, freak out.

Just like Snake will always and forever be David Hayter. No if’s, ands, or buts. Or coconuts. It doesn’t matter that they are changing to actor to Keifer Sutherland (and not Snake will sound like Jack Bauer, what?), it will no longer be Snake. Sutherland is a phenomenal actor. He’ll put his spin onto the character and it will probably be pretty great. But I know what Snake sounds like and no one can replace him. For me, it will be an awkward experience playing through MGS5. I won’t be able to see past the voice of Snake. But for many others, it’s a sign of the times. Things need to move forward, not backward. A lot of people will probably really like the change. And then you have the ones like me, stuck in the mud, who won’t relent. *shrugs* What can I say? I love Snake just the way he is.

So what’s your take on the changes in the voice acting lineup for games these days? For or against it?


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