Friday, August 23, 2013

Make A Cake Boys!

I’m in the mood for a silly game story today, so we’ll go with this. Hate Plus, a visual novel type of game is pushing the envelope on immersion. So much so that it wants you to bake a cake and send a photo in order to receive an achievement. 80 people have done this so far, so apparently it’s working. You can read Patricia Hernandez’s write-up about this on Kotaku, but I feel this says a lot about our gaming habits today. That some of us are so involved in reaching trophies and achievements, that we are willing to reach them. If that means baking a cake, then so be it! It also opens up different possibilities of gameplay. What if part of a Final Fantasy quest was to volunteer at a food bank for 2 hours? Or to pick up dry cleaning for a friend for a Grand Theft Auto perk? It’s immersion on a new level.


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