Friday, September 06, 2013

A Quick, Educational Game (Don’t Close Your Browser-This Is Promising)

Demoed at PAX Prime this past weekend, Tengami is in a pop-up book format, but with a video game, that takes players on a journey through feudal Japan. The game will release in iOS later this year, followed by a WiiU, Windows, and MAC release. The emphasis is on touch screen, where players can flick and pull at the edges to turn the page and move the character into the next portion of the story as well as solve puzzles.

The concept is relatively simple, but because the dynamic of the interface is so different from normal games, the developers, Nyamyam Games, are able to bring in educational elements (history in this case). As the samurai makes his way throughout feudal Japan, gamers can learn about the social classes of the time, or the technological advancements in armor and weaponry. And the simplicity, but poetic, art-style really leads well into the pop-up book format. The samurai looks like a digital paper cut-out, ala South Park.

Something cute and quick to look at today. Games like these give me hope for the future of our creativity.


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