Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Kickstarter Game "Pause" - Clang

For those who backed the motion-conrol video game Clang last year, the project is currently in a holding pattern.  In a recent update on the Kickstarter page, the game is “hitting pause” to work out financing issues.  “What financing issues?” You may ask. They did raise over $500 grand through Kickstarter. However this endeavor only supported about half of the bill. The rest of the money was going to come through sponsors and loans according to the developers. Financing is the biggest issue, but even development of the project in terms of gameplay and dynamics has been stalled due to differing opinions on the direction of the game.

What makes Clang unique is that it wants to make sword fighting physics a reality in the game world. Clang would be a PC based arena game at first with one on one dueling, and then expand from there. The critical aspect is the motion controller that utilizes 3D capture technology and can help provide a more accurate measurement of movements. So if you aren’t holding a sword right, the game would know, try to correct you, and you’ll lose matches until you practice and become better able to use a longsword or a fencing sword. It’s a promising idea to utilize current technology and bring in middle age battle tactics to a video game.

Again, here is the downfall of Kickstarter. While  refunds are not given to those who have backed a project, project owners are obligated to issue something to those who were seeking some type of a reward as part of their contribution. But this isn’t a full-on cancellation, just a stalling point until more funds are secured.


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