Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Making Limeade out of Lemons

Given California’s face-plant moment with the Supreme Court, the state is making the most of the situation and turning their failure into something positive. Yesterday, the state’s governor Jerry Brown helped announce a pilot program for educational purposes to help students join the gaming industry. The program will focus on those students in areas of low income or under-served. The gaming industry, all of those companies that were on the winning side, approve of the endeavor and will be donating $150,000, the funds coming from what the state owed them for the Court case.

The program will not only help kids learn about how games are made, but give them the opportunity to design and code their own work, and find out firsthand what it takes to be in the industry. Even Zynga will be joining in on the program offering donations and teaching situations. It's not a guarantee that these students will land a job in the future, but it is a great stepping stone into something more.

It’s good to see that the state’s government is sour about the entire exchange. Instead of brooding, they are taking the high road and pushing for better education about the industry. And the gaming peeps are responding in kind. Good job California.


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