Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MGS5 Sexy Controversy...At Least Kojima Is Honest

And apparently more holes in the pants! That's sexy. >.>

As more and more information starts slipping out about Metal Gear Solid V, Kojima has made a few comments that have raised the metaphorical eyebrow. On his Twitter last week, the master of all things MGS has stated that he has been asking his art team to make the characters “more erotic,” to which he later amended as “sexy.” The idea was to help boost sales of figurines and encourage more people to cosplay to, again, help with the sales of products.

Well Mr. Kojima. You have my attention now.

While I agree with some of the comments that this is another example of misogyny in the gaming industry, the character of Quiet who doesn’t speak in the game and uses body language in a very skimpy bikini top is blatantly calling her out as only eye candy, I also understand Kojima’s position. I know, the feminist in me gets what Kojima is doing. But seriously, sex is a selling point. And if showing off a bit more skin can help sell a game, then why not do it? Is it cheap and anything but classy? Of course. And with the world that MGS has built, it does seem odd that they would go for this type of blatant sexuality. (I realize that Eva also had a bikini top model going on, but at least they fully covered her chest AND she wore a combat suit over it. There’s a difference between sexuality from the natural charm of the character versus obvious boob exposure for the sake of showing them.)

Kojima did respond to the Tweets and the critics with a series of notes about why he made these “design” choices for the game. Quiet was created as an antithesis of the other female characters, and that she is so exposed for a reason. Apparently whatever the reason, we’re all going to feel ashamed for how she looks. Interesting...

He breaks off further in the response to mention the themes of MGSV: Gene -> Meme -> Scene -> Peace -> Race. And the controversy around Quiet represents what the game is trying to achieve, a story that touches upon the misunderstanding of prejudice, hatred, and conflicts caused by differences in race, religion, creed, etc. Okay, we’ll go with that.

I think the problem people have with this entire issue is that Kojima has been vocal about why he made Quiet sexy and what he’s trying to do: make money. Most companies don’t outright say what their intentions are. We know they make products for money. It’s obvious. That’s how our entire economy works. We very rarely hear a company come out and be blunt about it. “Yep. We’re trying to make money. Here’s how.” So at least you have to commend the honesty, no matter how much I may disagree with it. All I have to say is that the plot device of Quiet’s sexuality better be really damn good. And I don’t think many will cosplay her without some modesty changes to the top. Most cons would not permit that type of skin exposure.

I should probably end this article with that I still heart Kojima and would fan-girl over him on sight. I’m an MGS type of gamer. What of it?


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