Monday, September 30, 2013

Minecraft To Blame For Guns In School?

Oh yeah. This is super violent. *eye roll*
Well according to the child’s father in Orlando Florida, a young boy was sentenced to home confinement after bringing an unloaded gun, a steak knife, and a small sledge hammer to his school because of Minecraft. The boy’s father said that the child was trying to imitate the characters in the game, which includes shooting zombies (which is only in the PC version). 

A news station in Orlando reported that the kid was “just acting out the game” and that the gun’s firing pin was removed so it couldn’t ever be used. That doesn’t help pops, when the kid KNOWS where your gun is hidden.

I’m trying to not shake at my head at how ludicrous this all sounds. Minecraft is rated E10+ and while it has some violence, it is so nonsensical, comical, and benign that to blame it as a reason for a child bringing a gun to a school becomes insane. There had to have been another reason. Simply acting out the game at school was not the reason. There is much more to this then the justice system is willing to invest. “Dad said it was the game, so we believe him. House confinement!” Really guys? When Minecraft has been applauded for educational purposes? Right. We’ll just go with it. 


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