Friday, September 20, 2013

People Get Violent About Media Talking About Violent Games

Double posting today because I can, and I want to. We’ll do the gaming one first, because this is giggles in all the right ways.

A Doctor Mario Vance from the Rapture Institute has been studying the effects of media response regarding the media and has found that people do not get violent after playing a game. They get violent after the media reports about violence from games. The study was based on subjective viewing of the individuals who participated in the study, so of course there are lots of flaws. At the same time, assessing one’s mental state in a laboratory setting is equally as difficult. Fluctuations to the body can easily occur if someone is nervous about sitting with a doctor, and can skew the results.

Participants ranged in age and gender, so there were variants in samples. A Matthew Bryant stated that he uses video games as a means to relax and not want to harm his boss because of his high stressed job. Another, a young girl, stated that after one news story, her mother took away her gaming console for fear that she was going to turn into a murderous monster.

Here’s the thing. While I find the story amusing at the possible truths that is (we gamers do get riled up when people start making false accusations) I have not been able to locate the research article that should have been published. A search on the Rapture Institute sends me to a bunch of doomsday religious sects. Dr. Mario (yeah, that made me wonder) is not pulling up any links or references to his other works, nor is his colleague cited in the article. The interviews with some of the subjects felt forced and extreme: who would give a reprimand so severe for asking "what do you mean by synergy?"  So take this with a passing glance until proof of the research is available, even if other sites are reporting on it


  1. "Dr Mario Vance, a psychological researcher at the Rapture Institute for headline-inspired science" from The Guardian article... "Institute for headline-inspired science"? Who writes like that? Article and scientist is nowhere to be found! (And yet Google returns 18 hits for "Rapture institute 'mario vance'"...

    1. That's exactly why I added in that disclaimer at the end. It seems fake, but a few sources are reporting it. Until I see the "research" published online, I'm calling it a fakie. haha.

      Thanks for the comment!


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