Thursday, October 03, 2013

Adieu to Tom Clancy

Before I get into today’s posting, we have to send a fond farewell to Tom Clancy who passed away yesterday at the age of 66. Most of us gamers know Clancy’s work with Ubisoft and the myriad of games that bear his name. He founded Red Storm Entertainment to begin publishing his own content, which Ubisoft purchased in 2000 and the legacy was able to continue.

For myself as a film nerd, I’ll remember his books gone movies such as The Hunt for Red October. He was the type of writer that got involved in the projects. While this is more common these days, it wasn’t so much back in the early 90’s. He wanted to bring a life to his movies and games that you rarely see from authors of his caliber. He was a force in the literary and gaming world, and he will be missed.

For those who may be interested, Clancy's recent, and last book, will be released this December.


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