Friday, October 18, 2013

More of that Gaming Photography Stuff

Screenshots are not a new phenom, nor is the concept of using them for artistic expression. And if I could find the link where I posted all of those gorgeous scenic ones that I have taken over the years I would link it right now. But since I can’t, you get more Skyrim. Anyway, GTAV is being used for similar purposes and one street photographer, Fernando Pereira Gomes, is taking his work to the digital world.  The amount of detail and attention to tree physics, no seriously-tree physics, which Rockstar put into the game, makes for a stunning environment to capture. So why not whip out your screenshot macros and start snapping away? His Tumblr, Street Photography V is taking the in-game camera phone and using them to create art. 

It’s amazing to see how completely normal the people in GTAV act and react to situations, and I could see a number of these images settling comfortably right next to IRL versions of street photography.

Unlike others who have altered and tweaked Skyrim to help create the images they capture, Gomes’ approach is to photograph things as they happen. He also limits himself to the game’s mechanics. I.E. he cannot shoot from certain camera angles because of the way the characters stand and crouch. It also means that he can do things in a game that wouldn’t be feasible in the real world. Such as darting out into the middle of traffic to capture an image on the other side of the street; so while it creates more unique and rare moments, the limits on the camera tech make it difficult to fully explore the possibilities. But is that not also part of the challenge with art? Finding or condensing yourself to restrictions to see what your brain can come up with?

When GTAV releases for the PC, you can bet it will be modded to death and the camera restrictions removed by fans. Until then, Gomes has managed to snap some very evocative pieces that are taking the game to a new level of art appreciation.


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