Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Need For Speed Movie. Yes We’re Talking About It

For the millions of those who were glued to their TV sets Sunday night for the Breaking Bad series finale, you were treated to a 90 second plus  trailer from the new Need For Speed movie staring, Aaron Paul. Good tie-in for Paul’s future movie career. 

If you haven’t played any of the NFS games, the franchise is owned by EA (shocker!) and it basically follows you, the player, as you win street races for credibility and what not. Nothing big or Earth-shattering, but what made NFS stand out against other games was the inclusion of police pursuits, drag racing, and car customization that you don’t see with the traditional racing genre. With each version came more cars, more customization, and more “street battles.” But the story itself is pretty simple to non-existent.

What a perfect game to make into a movie! The NFS movie’s storyline follows a man who has been released from prison after being framed by a wealthy business associate. He plans to race across the country for revenge, while said ex-partner places a bounty on his head.  

Complete crap? Sort of. But NFS was never about the story. It was about the cars, going fast, and crashing. The movie will release March 14, 2014. I don’t think this will be the needed push for gaming movies to make a dent in the industry. It looks like your basic action film that’s trying to be a little too serious for its own good. Which is fine. There is a need for those movies every once in a while. Hopefully the acting talent will elevate the dialogue and story up a few notches because the trailer was not that impressive. We’re probably going to be waiting a bit longer for the right gaming movie to be released here. I'm not going to hold my breath on this, but if it pulls in a few more people from the Fast and the Furious viewers, then it'll make a dent in sales.

At least Ace Attorney gave us hope. 


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