Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nintendo Needs To ReGroup...Again.

Nintendo's worries are taking shape as the numbers for last quarter's sale of the Wii-U are still not picking up the speed they were hoping for. Even with a price drop to help boost sales, sales have remained on the Nintendo DS shmorgishborg and Pokemon as of late. We still don't even know what the Wii-U really it a system? Is it a peripheral? Is it an accessory?

Now with Nintendo halting production of the original Wii in Japan and Europe (probably the US too at this rate), we have to ask what is going on with the future of the company? They haven't announced a new system or plans to develop one. Their focus is all over the place and with no obvious direction.

I don't believe Nintendo is dying off. They are proving to still have a lot of worth in the hand-held market, one that Sony keeps trying to crack but has been unsuccessful with. So many that's a good niche for them: slow down on consoles production, wait another year or two, and uphold their reign on portable gaming. It's not a bad thought really given the continued popularity of Pokémon and the variety of Mario games. But I do worry about Nintendo's future. What is to become of our childhood gaming creator?


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