Thursday, October 24, 2013

Random News about McDonald’s New Gaming Burger!

McDonald’s ran a promotional campaign in Sweden to help name a new burger for their fall menu. It sounds quite tasty: hot sauce, dry roasted onions, iceberg lettuce, two layers of cheese, bacon, and one of their larger burger patties. Why did this catch my attention? Well it’s named the McNiP. NiP is short of Ninja’s in Pajamas, the chosen winner’s favorite eSports team, who are well-known for their Counter-Strike antics. 

And it’s not just a random team. They have some pretty good street-cred. They’re one of the most decorated eSports teams in history, with their most recent accomplishment being an 8 month streak in Counter-Strike going undefeated. I’m sure they are appreciating this fan today with the new sandwich. Note: It’s only in Sweden. Sorry American’s and our ever-expanding waist-lines.


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