Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Snake (Voice Actor) Is Back In A New Game

We knew that David Hayter wasn’t going to sit idle while the gaming business continued. While he may not be the voice of Snake in Metal Gear Solid V (a fate that is still too cruel to accept),  Hayter has been off directing his first movie. And now he’ll be joining the voice acting cast for The Long Dark, a survival action simulation game. The game is going through a Kickstarter promo right now for a studio called Hinterland, formed in September of this year and comprised of a few industry vets from BioWare, Ubisoft, Riot, and id just to name a few. With the Kickstarter page on its last day and the goal reached, the company will get their funds to continue production of the game.

The Long Dark will be set in the Northern wilderness (well the company is based in Canada, so easy references I can assume) where you, the player, are to survive after a global disaster and knocked out everything of use/value. So now you must find supplies, locate survivors, and try not to go all Mad Max on everyone. The look of the game is Journey meets Limbo, and will involve moral choices that the gamer must make. I feel a Donner Party moment coming. “Do I eat Guy 1 or Guy 2?” And it’ll be a sand-box environment where you’re meant to explore roam, and find the unique elements of gameplay as they happen.  

What will Hayter’s part be in the game? No clue. But it’s David Hayter. Who cares what his role will be! The game will be releasing on PC, and there are no dates as of yet. They’re still crowd-funding after all.


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