Monday, November 04, 2013

Extra-Life: DDoS Attack Should Not Stop Donations!

For those who are out of the gaming loop, Extra-Life’s big charity day was this weekend, November 2nd to be exact. And while tens of thousands of gamers and teams powered through 25 hours of non-stop gaming to raise money for children (that extra hour is due to daylight savings on Sunday), a group decided to have their own brand of “fun” and crash the charity website in a massive DDoS attack that crippled any incoming donations. 

Basically, a bunch of douche-canoes felt that breaking a charity website was more important than sick kids getting they help they need.

The website began to get really choppy roughly around 10:30am PT and around noon, Extra Life confirmed it with a message to their Facebook

“I am not sure what kind of person would DDoS a charitable initiative.

I am so sorry that you are going through this frustration today. Our entire team is purely heartbroken that someone would do this. But it has happened.”

Easy answer: Douche-Nozzles would do this type of thing. No one, or group in this case, has stepped up to claim responsibility. And it is probably best that they don’t; they might get hit back as a response. It’s estimated that Extra-Life may have lost around $400 grand in additional donations because of it, and the website was back up to full strength after 5pm Saturday.

But there is a silver lining to all of this. Now a lot of us gamers are pissed that someone would be so heartless, so we’re ramping up the donation drive. Extra-life is accepting any and all donations until the end of the year. Nov 2nd is just the big drive day, but anyone can earn their hours however they like until December 31st. So…DONATE. Pick a team to help support, or choose one at random, or make a general donation. All of the funds go to help out sick children (with the Children’s Miracle Network) and you get to game for it. What’s not to enjoy?


  1. It was Sony fanboys who were mad at Adam sessler and Arthur gies for not hating Xbox. They planned it on neogaf

    1. I've read from others that it was disgruntled XBox fanboys about something said by the RoosterTeeth gang (which is odd and backwards given that their main-stay is Halo and the XBox, but okay). Regardless of who the culprit is, there are certain lines that as gamers, hell even as humans, that you do not cross. And shutting down a charity website is one of them. I know I'm going to hell, but those people are going to a very special, much more evil, hell.


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