Friday, November 08, 2013

N7Day & Gaming Cliches (Unrelated)

A belated Happy N7 Day to you all, celebrating the life and history of the Mass Effect Franchise. If you missed out on the crazyness, you can catch up through BioWare, or the ME Twitter Feed, or #N7Day13 on Twitter and Tumblr. Even some of the voice actors came together to celebrate with a special video to the fans.

Today is one of those days where I want the work week to end, so I'm phoning it in with a link to "Top 10 Video Game Cliches That Need To Go Away." Amnesia is a good start, because that is a tired and over-used trope not only in games but movies, television, and theater. And killing terrorists is over, um, kill at this point. But their claims for "Back to Basics" and "Zombies" are a bit meh. What's not to like about zombie games? And origin stories like Batman Arkham Asylum gave us fantastic story-telling, and a superhero game that DIDN'T SUCK. So the list is a hit and miss, but enjoy the mindlessness today. I'm going to bang my head against this desk and keep asking for it to be 5pm.


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