Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tis' The Season For Sales

To not be trumped by KMart opening at 6am Thanksgiving Day, Walmart has unleashed their Black Friday ads, and the deals are a bit crazy. Expect sales on newer titles, even Call of Duty: Ghosts, some dropping as low as $10! Insane. They are also offering a one hour power shopping deal where items are guaranteed to be in stock. If the product sells out within that hour, you will be issued a "Guaranteed Card" which will ensure that the product will ship to you local Walmart store before Christams for pick-up and purchase. Oh, and last gen consoles like the Xbox 360 are dropping down to $99, the PS3 for $199 bundled with Last of Us and Batman: Arkham Origins. More then a 100 games will be on sale this year.

And then there's Target. Which is about what you would expect for sales: older games at the $10 range, newer ones around $35-$40 each. Whatever your poison, stores are ramping up the gaming sales this holiday season. Though I'm opting to stick it out online...where it's safer. And no threats of being stomped to death. >.>


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