Monday, December 02, 2013

CyberMonday Gaming Deals

Don't give me that look. You know the deal. It's CyberMonday. The "safer" shopping day where you don't have to elbow and bodyslam people for $20 off a tv set. But some new game releases are on sale and worth a look at.

GameSpot has direct links to 2DS and 3DS bundles along with some of Amazon's lightning deals.

International Business Times has one Amazon deal, but a lot from Toys R'Us.

Geeks of Doom is your best source for Lightning Deal updates with Amazon. And if you're looking for a new system (last gen)? Now might be a great time to buy with the bundles.

There is also of course digital games via Steam and Origin. EA had some hefty discounting on Black Friday, with Battlefield 4 at nearly 50% off. So you can expect the same today with other titles.

I'll be back later today with more gaming news. Until then, happy spending!


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