Thursday, December 26, 2013

Online Outages of Gaming Services Reported

While Christmas is usually the day where lots of people open up their shiny new electronics and hook them up to play, internet issues tend to vary. The worse of it will boil down to “it’s moving too slow.” But this year, the Playstation Network, Nintendo, and Steam were all reporting major down times throughout the day.

With the newer consoles, it’s expected to create accounts online. That nice shiny PS4 you received probably did not get used yesterday with the networks being in flux. The same applies for the Nintendo Network, where a hot sale this year was gift cards for the shop. Needless to say, a lot of people attempted to use them X-Mas day and were met with frustration. Some of Nintendo’s stores are still experiencing issues, and they are in a period of extended maintenance to help alleviate some of the additional load. 

And Steam…well they were giving away free copies of Left 4Dead 2 on Christmas, so that explains that slowdown. 

For the most part, some systems are returning to normal, but you can bet that a lot of people will be hitting the forums this week to complain about the issues. It’s Christmas people. It’s not about giving gifts and playing games. It’s about family and all that. :p Give these guys a little bit of a break. They probably spent their entire week working while the rest of you were able to stay home, rest, and eat feasts. They're working on the issues; patience is a virtual virtue.


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