Monday, December 09, 2013

This Just In: The NSA Was Totally Trolling Us!

Released by renegade Edward Snowden, the NSA had some agents playing World of Warcraft and SecondLife to unearth possible threats against the United States.

There are no mentions of if any plots were stopped while playing WoW (other then it's own story-line; Bazinga!) or if gaming helped detect possible threats. But yes, the government is even watching you while you play WoW and Xbox Live. Go figure. I think the comments section of the article speaks for itself.

"I knew it! The NSA were trolls all along!"

"This just in: NSA employees find way to convince bosses to let them play WoW at work. My new goal is to find a way to convince my bosses to let me do the same."

"Gotta power-level that paladin whenever you can man."


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