Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 Review Time

It's that time where I look back over the past year and figure out what you monkeys liked and couldn't stop reading. I'm always surprised to see the stats every year. And this time, we have a change-up in the, um, line-up. Okay, that was a poorly constructed sentence. My apologies.

First all are still interested in the porn. The Misty Dawn story that I linked in my 2012 review was still a popular search. I don't know if it had to do with the person's name or my comments about the story, but, um, Still a thing you guys like to search.

Equally as impressive is that my Academic Anime posts from 2011 also saw a boost in readership. Again, not entirely sure what this means (schoolgirl porn?) but I can attribute the rise to reposts on other websites of similar subject. In fact, there were a group of people who were upset that I didn't reappear at AnimeFest this year to teach more of those panels. When I explained my reasoning, they seemed to understand and let it drop (so much that they're not returning to the con.) But it's good to see that others are as interested in the subject of anime and looking at it from a scholastic standpoint.

Referral sites have gone askew as well. Vampirestat is up, Google is down, and something called Secret Search popped up this past month out of nowhere. It's a website that tries to put a dollar amount on your domain. Well I don't have one, so um...thanks for the extra hits?

Next up: Where is my audience reading from? And in an interesting surprise, I have a lot of readers in Malaysia. Now I did take into account the page spikes in December from 3 days where I posted a question on Google's forums seeking help to my coding problem (which I ended up figuring out on my own, like always), so the change in viewership is quite interesting. Malaysia reads my blog at least 3 times more then the United States. Which is followed by Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and France. Canada has completely bottomed out of the top 10, when it was in third last year. I don't remember saying anything offensive about Canada or Canadians. In fact, I've been wanting to move to Canada to get away from the crazy people here. *shrugs*

And now the fun part, the most viewed posts:

The Feminist Stance on Bayonetta: 5612
Open Letter to Parents : Stop Being Lazy: 4863
The Swearing Ban Begins!: 3980
Will Your Game Matter In 20 Years: 3463
Zelda Cruel To Animals?: 3353

Here's to another year of educating porn and chicken!


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