Thursday, January 16, 2014

3d Holographic Table Toping!

The Voxiebox. You may not have heard of it, but you will be seeing it soon. It's positioning itself as the first holographic display for tabletop games, and after making the rounds last year through testing at trade shows, it has popped up again at The Games Forum, a small event for independent game developers to test each other's products and provide feedback. ExtremeTech is equating the Voxiebox to the chess match ala Star Wars Episode 4.

The technology behind the box is pretty simple. The device contains a projector that beams an image up onto a screen, which renders the images at a rapid rate with vibration. This allows the image to be viewed as a 3D model from almost any angle. The only time you'll see an image disruption is if you watch the display base straight on. The best view of the image is more of a top-down guide, and of course this is still new tech. So minute details and subpar graphics are to be expected. And anything beyond a chess or checkers game can be problematic with the fluidity of the images projected.

But as a whole, this is pretty neat stuff. It's the future we've been waiting for...well for years. Just remember not to play against a Wookie. They get mad when they lose.

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  1. Its good one to read and think about. Thanks for the information. I hope it will create some awareness among the people & they will be careful while .


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