Thursday, January 23, 2014

Companies Looking To Games to Hire Employees

As reported in the NY Times, some companies are taking gaming to a new level by introducing them into their hiring practices. Games are being used to test creativity, analytic, and a person's ability to multitask. It also allows companies to test people remotely without the need for the person to come in and sit down to a formal interview (thus saving, you guessed it, more money and time).

Start-up companies such as ConnectCubed, Knack, and Prophecy Sciences are using cognative games to help businesses with their hiring practices, and it's taking off. Dozens of major corporations within the New York area are jumping into this. While it's not a foolproof method, because a game can only test so much with a person and how they will act with co-workers and bosses in the real world, it does have a lot of potential to help weed out applicants that may not suit a position. Someone applying to be an assistant will need to rely heavily on their muli-tasking skills. What better way to test it then to give them a game and watch as they try to juggle 10 sushi orders at once?


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