Thursday, January 02, 2014

Desinty-XIII, Whatever The Hell That Is

Squeenix, you're making it difficult to like you right now. You and your confusing things.

Something, most likely a game, is being teased by the company and Gloops, titled Destiny-XIII. Gloops is a mobile game developer whom created Apoc Wars and Shadow Alliance: Revenge just to name a couple of their hits. Obviously, it's a cross-over of some type, but to what effect? Are we horn-dogging more of Lightning? It would be a good time to capitalize with the incoming release of Lightning Returns. Or it could be the "original spin-off but now totally it's own game" FF15. Or part of the whole "Fabula" thing they have going on. I don't know anymore. I'm so confused by all of it. Mostly disenfranchised by what they did to Lightning, but you girl being a fan girl here. I'll still buy the damn game, but I won't play it. *Must complete my collection!*

Anyway, details will be released January 8th. So speculate away!


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