Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Forum Trolls - Dev's Want You To Chill Out

Gamers. Or rather the gamer haters. Not those, the ones that troll the internet and spout ill-egoton words and death threats against developers. Chill out.

That is what one gaming insider is asking of players, as posted in an op-ed on Kotaku. While the person's name and who he, or she, has worked with have remained anonymous, knowing Kotaku they verified everything behind the scenes before it was released. And the piece is relatively easy to follow: stop being assholes, you gamers who post those foul things online. Maybe it's just me, or the way I was raised, but I've always been told that if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. Now we, as consumers, have the right to be dissatisfied with a product and for a $60 game, if we see issues or glitches, it's okay to tell a developer about them. But there's a big difference between "the spatial clipping in this zone causes the game to completely break" versus "f*** you EA. I hope you f****** die and I hope your family dies and [enter whatever sick death method you want to add here]." That's grounds for a threat, which you can be arrested for. I don't know when it became acceptable to degrade people and mention acts of violence when you dislike something.

And as other commenters on Kotaku have pointed out, it's becoming more common to see this on a daily basis. Your local barrista, the mail man, the grocery store clerk, the guy making your hamburger at McDonalds, all of them have received at least one death threat, or physical assault because someone didn't get their coffee poured just the right way. Or they got a bill in the mail that wasn't suppose to come for another day or two. Working at GameStop, I've received several, even after I moved positions and no longer handled customer service issues, I was still getting threats. It's not fun. And not smart to do that to the people who are taking care of your meal...just saying.

Rounding back to the main point of the op-ed, it's okay to complain. It's okay to let developers know something is wrong with the product. But be nice about it. Don't swear. Don't yell. And use full, proper, sentences. Don't threaten. Don't induce violence. You can be kind and still get your point across. It's not difficult and will make you a better person in the long-run.


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