Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Remember when the XboxOne was announced, Microsoft had a slew of things they were going to do with the console? Then they retracted it. And then they re-announced stuff with a couple of tweaks but they would come out in stages?

Whelp, the first of many updates to come will continue in March with the biggest updated yet: Twitch. The global online streaming service is no longer a PS4 only product, and has made the transition to include itself into XboxOne's system. And at a great time too - the update for Twitch will launch about the same time as Titanfall's, release. Microsoft has stated that the integration will be much more interactive then what the PS4 is offering its users right now by streaming games, joining other broadcasts, and the Kinect camera integration. But what Microsoft really wants to make stand out is that unlike the PS4's streaming service that was created independently of Twitch, the boys with the Xbox worked directly with the company to produce the final product.

Hard core.

Expect the nerd rampage to be felt soon, and lots of camera rage.


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