Thursday, February 13, 2014

When The Internet Speaks Make A Round-Up

Another news round-up today because it's just so darn busy today here. So enjoy the random things of the internet dealing with video games:

  • Here's yet one more news story about games making kids and teens violent. However, this takes on the roles of violence desensitizing kids and, and!, there's no research proving a direct correlation between violent games and violent kids. This is one of the few stories that, shockingly enough, includes data that youth violence has gone down over the past few decades. Hmm...a logical an unbiased article. Who'da thunk?
  • Hidden gems of the 1990's. Because nostalgia is awesome.
  • And Forbes keeps targeting the gaming audience, with 10 features that need to be dropped from games. Like ammo. Yes. Ammo. Forbes doesn't want it anymore because it's busy-work. It has nothing to do with portraying realism or calculating your odds. "Do I shoot the zombie here, or run away and save my last 4 bullets for the guy around the corner?"
A good Thursday to you all.~


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