Monday, February 24, 2014

XboxOne Getting A Price Cut...In The UK.

Early this morning Microsoft announced a global promotion for Titanfall, the newest game from some of the original developers of Call of Duty, that will be packaged for free with XboxOne systems. The system will also receive a price cut in the UK to £399.99. Not here though. Here, still full retail price. Lame.

Harvey Eagle, Xbox UK marketing director, made the announcement this morning and fielded questions from the press. The promotion for the game is world-wide, which is great. Titanfall is a highly anticipated game, and yes I realize that's a mouthful coming from someone who hates Call of Duty. Once again, I remind you all that I have nothing against old school CoD. It's the recent stuff I can't stand. But the fact that they're doing something NEW at all is a step in the right direction.

Now for those who bought launch systems who might be cheated out on this deal, well you are. There's no compensation being offered at this time. Some systems in the U.K. were coupled with Fifa at release, and that was your freebe game, even if it did cost a fraction of what Titanfall would release at. So, you're SOL. Don't complain to Microsoft, you're not getting a free game.

You can pre-order the bundle at a few select locations, with more surely to grow by the end of the day.


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