Wednesday, March 12, 2014

25 Years Of Teh Internet

Intentional misspellings aside, today marks 25 years since the birth of the internet. And while most of us did not start the journey online until the mid 90's, it has been an invaluable tool over the past decade that has completely transformed the way we receive and transmit information across the globe.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, yes he has been knighted, originally proposed a universally linked digital information system to CERN to help academics across the globe to access content without needing to be in the lab to do so. The idea spread to businesses and eventually to our homes and schools to become a staple of our society. Without it, well I don't know where we would be and I don't want to think about it. Because those cat pictures are very important to share.

Speaking with CNet, Berners-Lee says that the work is not done yet. The internet was developed with the intention of bringing knowledge to all, allowing access to educational information for everyone without limits or restrictions. Now that we live in a world of government's spying on their own people and invasion of privacy, he wants people to continue reshaping the internet as more then a series of web documents. To him I say 'good luck.' It's a big undertaking to break the habits of so many users and ask them to try something new. Not to mention the government. Because, it's the government. *shrugs* But thank you Sir Berners-Lee for bringing us this amazing and wonderful tool to help connection people globally, share ideas, and create a new digital framework.

So here is one more silly picture from the web. Yea Internet!


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