Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Virtual Boy Reality!

Haphead is a new web series set to premier later this year, about gamers taking their skills and applying them to the real world, with actual consequences. Ten years from now, gaming technology has exploded and instead of a Virtual Boy, games can connect to your brain and allow for a visual and physical reaction to the game. It's created a group titled Hapheads who live and learn through games, and are addicted to them.

While the concept for the show is not too different from the failed movie Gamer, it's from the crew that created the indie movie Ghosts with Sh*t Jobs, a hit among the theater circuit. The producers hope to take Haphead and transform it into a series that sparks critical thinking not just about games, but about the industry and corporations that are controlling it. There is a FOXCONN-like business that has created this technology, in the webseries, and literally maintains it's users and workforce without any regulations stopping them. It's kind of creepy to think about, but the trailer shows quite a few real-world links to what we're seeing today that what Haphead presents could potentially happen.

Dialogue. It's a good thing.


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