Monday, March 17, 2014

Can You Be A Famous Actor At Games?

I've brought up this topic previously when discussing voice over actors and actresses who are often heard, rarely seen or acknowledged for their hard work. They work their butts off for a measly paycheck and virtually no recognition save for a mention in the credits (which most of us skip over). No residuals for when a game sells well. Which is still an interesting dichotomy considering how heavily the industry relies on actors and actresses to bring life to a character where there is so much emphasis on voicing and creating realism. But it is a rare thing to have a standout voice actor. Such as Snake from Metal Gear Solid, voiced by David Hayter. (With apologies to Keifer Sutherland, great actor, but NOT Snake.) He has made a name for himself through his portrayal of the stealthy soldier. There are a couple of instances where an actor can rise to a pseudo-stardom among gamers for their character portrayals, but it's still a very rare thing.

So it's interesting to see a news article tackle on the same issue when it comes to motion capturing, as DigitalSpy talks to Troy Baker about Infamous: Second Son, who is the body, face, and voice of the game's newest anti-hero. It's a neat gig, and Baker hopes its the future of gaming where actors can embody the character and be digitally transformed. It's not just the voice people want to see, Baker believes, but the whole performance - that the key to an actor's future for success is to also have their likeness portrayed in the game. Which is why when you play Second Son, it kind of looks like Troy Baker is in the game. Whether this will work to the actors favor is another question entirely. I don't believe that studios will be willing to start forking over for residuals, but maybe it'll help the actors career in the long run to put a face to the voice? I don't know.


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