Friday, March 07, 2014

Movie of Us

Whelp, it took no time for Naughty Dog to send out The Last of Us for a movie deal. Screen Gems, whom have bestowed us with the Resident Evil and Underworld movies, had grabbed first dibs on a live action version of 2013's top rated game. Neil Druckman, who was the creative director for the PS3 title, will pen the script.

And another step in hopefully the right direction, Sam Raimi of Spiderman fame, with his production company Ghost House Pictures will head up the team for the project.

The details on who approached who are a bit muddled, but it seems like Naughty Dog has been going after a movie deal since the game's release last June. No details on who will star, what the script will be like, or the release date. Though I think we can all agree that Ellen Page needs to be Ellie.


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