Thursday, March 06, 2014

Shaq Knows Kung-Fu

So Shaq is starting up a crowdfunding project via IndieGoGo A Legend Reborn.

Yep. The former NBA star and new co-owner of the Sacramento Kings wants to bring back the game that, in the words of many gamers, "sucked the big one" and fix it. As the tagline on the project reads: Shaq-Fu returns and this time we won't FU it up! Shaq, like many other athletes, suffered from the video game boom of the early 1990's when they were licensing out their images for really crappy products. And we're talking about pre-Tiger Woods days when our golfing icon was Fred Couples, and putting was the worse experience ever in a video game. The times have changed, and Shaq feels like today's gaming market would be the perfect time to reintroduce the failed kung-fu master.

For those who don't know, the original Shaq-Fu game was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. It follows Shaq as he wanders around a dojo just before a charity bball tournament (like all ball players would do), and discovers another dimension, and has to save a child from an evil mummy. I didn't know there were good mummy's, but that must be the brainwashing from American movies. The game was one of the first to offer different elements on different platforms. If you bought the SNES version later that year, you got an extra level. If you got the GameGear add-on, you got more enemies to face. It also suffered from one of the worse combat systems seen in years, and it was horribly campy in it's storyline in ways that were not humorous or endearing.

And Shaq now knows this. So, he's going to try and redeem it.

Big Deez Productions, which comes from a collection of developers who have worked on Halo, Final Fantasy, and other big name franchises, is working with Shaq to make it happen. They are rebuilding the game from the ground up. New story. New action. A new adventure. The only thing that will maintain is the title of the game and the lead character. Everything else will be unique to version 2.0.

But if you love Shaq and want to see this game made, the perks for donating are kind of nice. Even at the lowest level of $15.00 you will get a copy of the game, which they have planned for a retail for $29.99. You're already saving by donating! At $15,000 you can play a game of basketball, the real deal, at Shaq's house. And if it's still the one that he had on MTV Cribs back in 2000, it's a ridiculously bitchin' house.

It sounds as though the project will go through even if the crowdfunding doesn't reach it's $450k goal, so even if you don't contribute (and why wouldn't you? It's Shaq!), expect to see Shaq-Fu 2.0 in stores within the next 2 years. But no Shazam or Steel 2.0. Shaq doesn't want to go there.


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