Tuesday, April 08, 2014

E.T. Dig On Hold

Remember the story I published in December where Lightbox entertainment would be working with Microsoft's new production company to develop a documentary about Atari and the E.T. game. Part of that process would include going out to New Mexico and digging up the grave of the cartridges from the gaming bust of 1983. Remember? Sure you do. It was barely 4 months ago.

Well environmental regulators have rejected the production company's proposal, even after the Alamogordo city council approved of the dig in June of last year, the environmental agency stopped it late February. Lightbox will continue to film the remaining segments of the documentary while they work with the city to come to an agreement that would allow them to dig. The hold is based off an 2004 EPA report that found "22 compounds of concern" in the landfill and requires additional study before it's deemed safe to start digging. There is no ETA on when any of it will begin, but you know Lightbox with Microsoft backing them, will try and push for it to happen sooner rather then later.

Then again, it's the EPA. That early 2015 release date for the documentary is not likely.


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