Thursday, April 10, 2014


That was such a lame joke, but if you chuckled, congrats. You are old or full of nostalgia.
But with this post, I am heading back to PAX East for another round, this till for the full 3 days of fun, entertainment, and butt loads of gaming. I’m not entirely sure what to expect for the weekend, other than seeing a bunch of the Southern cosplay crew come up for Mass Effect times. But this year I plan to take more photos where possible, jump into more demo lines, and see how much swag I can haul back. I’m bringing an extra  suitcase specifically for that reason. 

A few panels have caught my attention. Of course I’ll be going to the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay event, even though more than half of the Normandy crew had to drop out for one reason or another, there will be 4, and that’s good enough for me. Though I was hoping DC Douglas would have been able to stay. Legion talking like Wesker would have made my year. But I will most likely stumble into the RPG discussions and various dev panels where I can. Mostly, I want to get onto the floor more this year and get into more gaming. I hated that I missed out on that controller for phones. That thing was bitchin’!

If you are attending this year, or in the Boston area and want to drop by and say hi, I will be really easy to find. Friday, look for Angel from Borderlands 2 (I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one), Saturday Matriarch Benezia from Mass Effect (again, probably the only one), and Sunday is probably Angel or whatever I decide to pull from my closet. Have a great weekend everyone!


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