Monday, April 07, 2014

Spring Sales Underway

From December 2013, but the sale
is still the same!
Again, not something I post often, but this deal might be worth a look for those wanting to bump up their gaming collection, or snagging last years games at a low price.

Target is not only placing hundreds of games on sale for the 360, PS3, and various Nintendo platforms, they are also coupling it with Buy 2, Get 1 Free. The offer is available at all retail locations and online.

Not bad. Of course there are limits and restrictions. The B2G1 is on a selected set of games, but you're looking at nearly 500 games to choose from. Recent releases are included at full retail value. And, as always, the free game will be whatever is cheapest in your bundle (equal or lesser value to the 2 you are buying). So don't expect to get Titanfall for free if you spend $5.00 on two cheapy DS games.

It's April! Pushing out those games to make way for the new stock this summer.


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