Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Doc About Gaming Students Getting a Job

The Art of Game, a documentary produced by 2K Games and Story Telling, following a group of game design students from the Academy of Art University San Fransisco (hey, my brother went there!), and their quest to find jobs while navigating the stereotype that games are still considered a waste a time. Director Matthew Davis Walker is looking to this film as a platform for potential change, and showcase how games are made with the same delicacy as a Hollywood movie or television show. Is there fun and joking around? Of course. But isn't that the case with any job that you enjoy? It also will focus on the ingenuity of the students, and how ruthless finding any work in the business can be no matter how talented you are.

There is a trailer up, and the full film will be available for free starting at 1pm this Thursday via Twitch with a 6pm repeat (PST). It will also be available through the Facebook page. However, I'm not entirely convince on the direction of the piece. The trailer doesn't offer too much info, other then pandering to what's popular (video games) and trying to showcase struggles of getting a job. Well of course it's a have only so many positions open and 50 times the people wanting to fill them. Maybe the film is much different then how it's currently making itself out to be, but right now it feels like fluff. We'll see after Thursday.

Aside: IGN changed their layout. Looks good.


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