Friday, May 09, 2014

Gay Fish Kanye West and Sexist Gaming

I didn't know what to focus on today for gaming stories. So you're getting one and a quarter.

Kanye West (who shall forth be accompanied with the phrase "gay fish" for the rest of this blog, thanks to South Park completely warping my mind - in a good way), released a song with another artist, Future, in April titled "I Won." According to both artists, it is a song intended to empower women and openly discuss interracial marriage, because we all know that, that's exactly what a lot of rap songs do. Oh. Sorry. That probably sounded racist. I assure you it wasn't. It was meant to be sarcasm, ala feminism style. My bad.

For those who don't know Future, he also creates 8-bit video games for his songs on occasion, and "I Won" received the same treatment. But what turned from a song to 'uplift women,' as they claim, is being blasted for sexist treatment of women. Why? Well the game stars you, sitting on a beach, with gold jewelry and chains at your disposal. The goal is to hit as many of the beach clad girls that cross your path, and turn them into trophy wives.

Yep. That's quite an "uplifting" message for women. (Please note the additional sarcasm.)

Kanye (gay fish), has also dabbled in this medium before in 2013 releasing an RPG titled Kanye Quest 2030 (gay fish). So one would think that these two musical personalities would know better. Well, they're obviously pandering to their audience quite well. Future's Twitter feed prompted responses and so far, the few that have played, enjoy the game. Also, I hate Twitter. Not the concept, but the fact that it gives people an excuse to have terrible grammar and spelling. You can still be articulate and show general knowledge in English with 144 characters. Be creative!

This is my favorite Tweet:

"fuk ya Haterz -@MrsBreezyforeva

@1future How u cum up wit a amazing game like dat"

Probably 10 seconds of bantering. "Hey. Let's throw gold chains at women." "Do it."

As a game...the mechanics are okay. It's a really basic principle. How badly can you screw up a Duck Hunt style game? It's browser based (which I refuse to link to and provide them with more web hits. If you're really curious, just Google it) where you use your mouse to throw the jewelry. But the message it's putting across, that women are objects and if you throw shiny things at them, they'll become your property? Not good. Thanks but no thanks for taking us another step back, Kanye (gay fish) and Future.

If you need to not be inundated by Kanye West (gay fish) today, The Washington Post covered a story over Reason, a monthly Libertarian magazine, and it's video game issue. Basically gamers and Libertarianism go hand in hand. Interesting argument and well thought out. All all gamers libertarian? No. Are all libertarian gamers? No. But based on the discussion and reasoning, it's easy to see how to two can coexist unlike other political parties and gamers. Happy Friday!


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