Thursday, May 08, 2014

Nintendo Joining Figurines

With the success of Skylanders and Disney Infinity, Nintendo is jumping in and wants to bring physical products into their digital worlds. Nintendo licensed, branded products, mind you. Using the Wii-U's NFC (Near-Field-Communication) capabilities, Nintendo wants to have more interaction with gamers with a program called NFP (Nintendo Figure Platform). 

Nintendo did give investors a glimpse at the concept, showing a Mario figure on a platform. But to take it one step further, this isn't limited to just the Wii-U. The program could function on 3DS systems via a wireless adapter. This could be another huge leap in multi-platform gaming. One of the biggest issues I have with games today is that so few (I can only think of Final Fantasy 11 and now 14 being available on the PC and PS4), that allow gamers on multiple systems to interact with each other. The technology and capabilities are there, but companies don't want to work with each other. They want you to buy their system to play with your friends. No exceptions. But even this step with the NFP is a good leap forward. There are many of us who do not have a Wii-U. I personally refuse to purchase one because I still don't know what it is (Nintendo has yet to openly call it a system). But there are a few that play, while the rest of us are on the 3DS. Being able to play the same game on both systems with customization is becoming more of a reality. Right now several games on the Wii-U can go portable to the 3DS, but the transition isn't always as smooth. The  Wii-U works better using it's tablet interface then making the leap to the 3DS.

Competition is healthy in any marketplace. But I still dislike having system restrictions. In order to play with this friend, I have to have this system, and this monthly plan, and these games, when I have the same games without additional costs on another console. Just let me play with my friends how I want to, dangit!

Rant. Sorry. A full reveal from Nintendo is expected at E3 with additional details.


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