Monday, May 05, 2014

Revenge Of The 5th...Day

Yesterday was May the 4th, which is unofficially dubbed as Star Wars Day. (May the 4th Be With You). And today is Revenge of the 5th. I didn't post a Happy #StarWarsDay here as I celebrated with my podcast, dawning a Hello Kitty/Boba Fett shirt, my Emperor and Vader earrings, and Amidala head dress. I uploaded a few photos to my Facebook cosplay account, and laughed on Twitter at Window's UK's fail attempt at wishing Star Wars fans a happy May 4th. The tweet and photo has since been removed, but not before we all took a ton of screen shots. (Trekkies? Really Microsoft? The one thing you couldn't possibly confuse and you still did. Fail.)

And today we celebrate the Empire and the Sith. Steam has a 66% off sale on all Star Wars games few a few more hours. Get it? 66% off? Order 66. Hah! Silly Jedi's.

Disney is doing their special pins for today, and Lego Stores have 15% off a number of slect Star Wars merchandise, including a limited edition Darth Revan figure...who is now no longer canon. Thank you once again Disney.

And less we forget, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day! A glorious time to be a geek. All hail the Empire.


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