Friday, May 30, 2014

They're Baaaaaaaack.

No, not the Poltergeist. I'm talking about Heroes of Cosplay. It's not 'technically' Season 2, but more of Season 1 part 2. A Season 1.2 if you will. It's extra content and conventions that didn't fit within the shows original 6 episode airing, and were held back should SyFy decide to not renew. Well they did, and now we have another 6 episodes of cosplay extreme-ness. I know that's not a word, but it's fitting for the show. The series returns with it's core cosplaying folks such as Yaya Han, the ladies of CrabCat, and Chloe Dykstra (who is SUPER NICE if you ever get the chance to meet her). The first episode of 1.2 introduces a new face to the cast, Indra Rojas, who's casted as the cosplay veteran returning to the contest scene.

The format hasn't changed, and why would it? SyFy renewed the show based on the premise that ended up working, and has ordered a second season. In fact, they may still be doing auditions for the second season, if you live in Atlanta or LA that is. So expect more of the exaggerated drama that almost never happens when you cosplay. Speaking from the point of view of someone who has been "on the scene" for years as staff, judge, and contestant, it's really not that drama filled. But, SyFy is trying to make an entertainment show. They want to draw in viewers and what sells is drama, drama, and romance. So that's how episodes will be edited.

But continuing on, the layout of the episodes are the same as before: cosplayers want to compete at a convention. They propose their idea to the camera on what costume to make. 20 minutes of frantically last-minuting their costumes (I would not do well on this show if this were the real format- I give myself at least 2 weeks before a con to rest with my costume done and ready to go, so this may be an editing choice by the production crew), and the rest of the show is spent at the convention, in the conventions, and talking about their cosplay troubles.

Yep. Same show.

This last, first episode focused on Comikaze, particularly the new Stan Lee costume contest. Chloe managed to get Holly and Jessica out of their comfort zone by doing a burlesque costume (which I have to say, they looked amazing in and those women do not get enough credit for their work and boldness to go against the grain and doing unvoncentional, non-stereotypical feminine characters). And it's not as "drama filled" as previous episodes. This was more cosplayers being cosplayers and enjoying themselves without as much stress as usual. Oh there was still stress. Jesse was rushing his helmet for MegaMan. But maybe the community backlash actually clicked something in SyFy to make them aware that maybe they should tone down the insanity, and turn up the crafting. Maybe...not likely but worth a shot.

Heroes of Cosplay airs Tuesday nights at 10/9 Central on SyFy.


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