Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Twitch App To Be Free On XBox Live Silver Plans!

Coming soon, Twitch will no longer be restricted to "Gold Membership" on XBox Live!

Yes, the bane of my existence is XBox Live. Why? Because you have to pay for it. You buy the system. You buy the games. You have a monthly fee to have internet access. You pay for the DLC. You pay a lot to play one video game, and then Microsoft likes to hammer the nail in just a bit deeper by offering different levels of online gaming: Silver and Gold. Silver means you can get system and basic game updates to fix bugs. That's it. Gold gives you everything. Silver is free. Gold requires a monthly fee, $49.99 for 12 months. It doesn't seem bad, except that you're paying to gain access to buy more stuff. Woo.

This is why I appreciate Sony for having free internet services with the PS3. I wish they would have extended it to the PS4, but there you go. (Note: Microsoft's model didn't work because people are paying. It worked because the system has a butt ton more FPS. Just an FYI.)

Well yesterday late in the afternoon, XBox Wire announced that Twitch and other services such as Netflix and HBOGo will now be available to Silver users! Yea! About damn time guys! Paying for enough of this stuff already; why do I have to pay more to watch it on my console when I can use my PS3, Wii, or computer? On the internet service I'm already paying for, and not the extra services of XBox Live? Can you tell I'm still not happy about it after all these years?

The update will occur in June and applies to the 360 and One consoles. The app on the 360 will allow you to view prior and live broadcasts, and have basic Twitch functions, but not streaming. Steaming will be available in full to One users. Thanks Microsoft for pulling your head out of your butt and realizing that sucking money dry from your users is not the best way to maintain brand loyalty. At least let us keep our free apps free!


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