Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Happens With A Game Company Moves Out?

In the case of THQ, the bankruptcy was quite sudden. None of us expected them to be undergoing troubled times, and South Park's Stick of Truth was a golden nugget of hope for the company's future. But it wasn't meant to be. They filed for Chapter 11, employees took what they could hold in their hands, and the building was abandoned.

One Reddit user works for a company that moved into the building, and has posted photos of the treasure trove of stuff left behind. It really looks like people just picked up what they could and left. Televisions, computers, promotional art, so many things were still left. Even notes and scribbles for a stand-alone Saints Row 3 expansion pack. I cool would that have been? You can see portions of the photo gallery linked here, but it's kind of eerie how empty the place looks. Almost like a virus wiped them out. Creepy. I could only imagine the money that could be made for some of those items. Collector's would love to have those art pieces. No notes on what exactly the new company plans to do with the excess stuff, but I suspect some dumpster diving will be in the future of gamers local to the offices.


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